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Pocket mHealth is an application that allows bringing and managing the Electronic Health Record (EHR) in the smartphone and most importantly validated by the medical professionals. Pocket mHealth aims to become the driver for the paradigm change based on the person-centred medical care.

The purpose of Pocket mHealth consists in taking advantage of the fact that the smartphone is becoming part of our body in a daily fashion in order to also modify the way the users take care of their health, giving the possibility to the citizens to always bring with them the Electronic Health Record (EHR) in the mobile, offering meaningful advantages to the healthcare systems, such as interoperability, clinical efficiency improvement, medical errors reduction and healthcare costs.

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Pocket mHealth is based on eHealth standards allowing the integration of clinical data coming from heterogeneous Hospital Information Systems (HIS). Pocket mHealth also implements security mechanisms needed to guarantee the privacy and data security. Pocket mHealth stress that the clinical data belong to the person, but they must also be supervised by the corresponding health responsible.

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Pocket mHealth aims at providing universal and validated clinical information access at any time. Pocket mHealth –says Carlos Cavero, startup co-creator at Atos- is in the center of a new clinical care approach, where the person is more aware of his/her health taking over a leading role in its management”.
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Pocket mHealth improves the diagnosis, suppresses unneeded paper or DVD reports, avoiding duplicities and redundant tests. Pocket mHealth also contributes to the clinical data mobility of the person providing better health care in rural or holidays zones due to the fact that the EHR is continuously updated and complete allowing a high and better health control and quality of life.